Diving In Tobago

Tobago is a sight to behold both on land and water. Under its surface, divers can discover a kaleidoscopic world, replete with vivid sponges and corals and brilliantly colored marine life.

The island's intimate reef systems are rich in marine biodiversity, clear, pristine waters, and its range of diving sites are natural treasures. Tobago also has many highly trained instructors and a hyperbaric chamber, making Tobago the perfect dive destination for both experienced and novice divers.

Under the surface, divers will discover unspoilt reefs thick with sponges and corals – including the world’s largest known brain coral. Amongst the reefs, divers can expect to find closely-huddled schooling fish, moray eels, lobsters and sea horses, as well as headline attractions such as barracudas, tarpons, turtles, nurse sharks and rays.

Tobago Dive Sites

101 reasons Tobago - London Bridge
London Bridge
Queen Angelfish
Cardinal Rocks
Diving Site
Booby Island
Tobago Kelleston Drain -Largest Brain Coral
Kelleston Drain
Dive-Soft Coral-Mt Irvine
Mt Irvine Wall
Dive-Baby nurse shark
Dutchman's Reef
Tobago - MV Maverick
MV Maverick

Tobago Dive Shops & Operators

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