Bird Watching in Tobago


An undiscovered haven for visitors of every kind

From tropical rainforest, to mangrove swamps, marshland, open country, coastline, gardens, parks, scrubland and even a separate seabird island sanctuary – Tobago is a naturally welcoming landscape for birds. We even have the world’s first protected rainforest – the Main Ridge Forest Reserve.

Experienced birders can seek out specific species in these habitats, but you’re never far from enjoying a variety of exotic bird life – even from the comfort of your hotel or villa.

The bananaquit, or sugarbird, might join you at your breakfast table where you’ll see how it got its nickname; you may wake up to the chorus of the tropical mockingbird singing; glance up at a branch and you may spot the strikingly beautiful plumage of the blue-crowned motmot, known locally as the ‘king of the woods’.  

When’s best for bird watching in Tobago?

December to April is the prime time to spot the most birds. Before the wet season, especially March and early April, is when many forest species are at their most active and migratory species, stopping over on the way to North America, are at their peak.

You can be assured of good field observations whenever you visit Tobago though, as the island has a huge range of permanent resident birds.

Even more beyond ordinary birding sites

Looking to discover more unforgettable bird watching sites? Check out these other locations on the island:

  • Adventure Nature Farm

  • Cuffie River

  • Starwood Trail at Blue Waters Inn

  • Corbins Local Wild Life Park  

  • Tobago Plantation Grounds

    Tobago Plantation Grounds