Yzanne Williams Chance

Yzanne Williams Chance

I really, really, love cooking and I think it’s fun

Over the years the Tobago Blue Food Festival has given local cooks and country chefs from the combined North-side villages of L’Anse Fourmi, Bloody Bay and Parlatuvier the space to showcase their culinary skills and innovative treats using Taro more commonly known as dasheen which is the famous root crop for the event.

One such local chef is Yzanne Williams-Chance. She is a consistent participant at the annual event and has dominated the competitive aspect through the years by cupping prizes in the various categories with her mouth-watering concepts such as most creative dasheen dish, the most innovative dasheen dish, cook of the day and even the best table display.

Yzanne is the first person to publish a cookbook with dasheen based recipes. Her recipe book aptly named, Taste of Tobago Blue Food boasts of 63 original, delicious and exciting culinary innovations made from the Tobago’s famous ground provision; complemented with enticing photographs.

“My decision to create and publish a recipe book was to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tobago Blue Food Festival. The festival has provided me with a great platform to grow and I will continue to go all out with my preparations to provide patrons with a unique culinary experience”.

This Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (THTI) graduate who started by helping her parents in the kitchen is now an accomplished chef who is motivated, willing and determined and like all the previous years, she will be at this year’s Tobago Blue Food Festival only because as she says with a chuckle, “I really, really, love cooking and I think it’s fun”. Yzanne Williams-Chance, self-made cook and pioneer chef of Tobago Blue Food Festival.