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116 square miles of unspoilt beauty

International Visitor

822,900 average 
visitors per year


55 ships with 75,421 passengers in 2018

Tobago is naturally unspoilt and untouched, with a vibrant, authentic Caribbean culture just waiting to be discovered. We want Tobago to be a stand out destination in its own right and have used the island’s unique character and features to guide our creative and messaging exploration. With your help travelers can find something different, somewhere that feels off the beaten track, somewhere that gives them the feeling of discovering a place for the first time.

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It's about having stories to tell.

MINISTRY OF HEALTH, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO For information about the status of coronavirus in Trinidad and Tobago, health guidelines and regular updates, visit the Ministry of Health’s online resources:

OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Visit the Office of the Prime Minister’s website for official statements on Trinidad and Tobago’s response to COVID-19: Follow the Office of the Prime Minister on Facebook for up-to-date information on action taken by government in response to COVID-19, including media conferences and official news:

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