Sea and Beaches

Pigeon Point

Southwest Beaches

Featuring bays caressed by the Caribbean Sea, the southwest coastline of Tobago features some of the more popular beaches on the island. Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Store Bay and Buccoo Marine Park are just a few of the beaches that provide the perfect backdrop for a variety of water activities.


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Pirates Bay

Caribbean Coast Beaches

Tobago offers the classic Caribbean ingredients of warm clear water, secluded bays and fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving sites, with the added benefit of predictable trade winds and spectacular coral reefs. The contrast between untamed, vibrant tropical flora, and pristine yellow sands kissed by softly lapping waves makes visiting  Englishman’s Bay, Celery Bay or Pirates Bay definitely worth discovering.


Mt.Irvine Bay , Stone Haven Bay and Castara Bay are also worth the visit for those who yearn for idyllic Caribbean waters.


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Kings Bay

Windward Coast Beaches

Rugged and continually breathtaking, Tobago’s southern shoreline is usually referred to as the Windward Coast. Dotted along the narrow, winding Windward Road, hidden gems such as King’s Bay are waiting to be discovered by those adventurous enough to explore beyond the beaten path.


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