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Canons at Fort King George

Fort King George

A sprawling 18th century fort overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Fort King George is one of Tobago’s most well-preserved historical sites. The compound features carefully restored remnants, including the officers’ barracks, gunpowder magazine, prison cells and a bell tank. Even the fort’s original cannons are positioned just as they were when they were active hundreds of years ago. The well-manicured grounds are a popular location for weddings, photo shoots and family picnics. Visitors can also peruse the artefacts at the Tobago Museum and enjoy edifying tours from knowledgeable tour guides. 

Gazebo at Fort Granby

Fort Granby

Perched atop a steep cliff, Fort Granby was once a bastion built by the British to defend Tobago’s first capital of Georgetown. Today, the lone grave of a fallen soldier is the only evidence that this site ever served as a military base. While little remains in terms of historical context, visitors can take in spectacular panoramic views of the coast, capture stunning photographs, and make use of the amenities available, which include a bar and children’s play area. 

Fort James at Plymouth

Fort James

Strategically positioned cannons point the way to stunning panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea at Fort James. Named after the Duke of Courland, Jacobus (James), the oldest fort in Tobago was once besieged by revolting slaves and also destroyed by the French in the 18th century. The existing infrastructure was erected in the early 1800’s. Today, it is a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike, with many using these peaceful grounds for a variety of occasions, including weddings, photo shoots and wholesome family fun.

Fort Milford

Fort Milford

Constructed by the English in the 18th century, Fort Milford served as a picket post for the British army until Tobago fell to the French in 1781. It was rebuilt by the British in the early 19th century but today, six cannons are the only proof that Fort Milford once helped fortify the island. With its well manicured gardens and strategic vantage point, it is now the ideal destination for those seeking solitude, spectacular sea views and stunning sunsets.

Fort Bennet

Fort Bennett

With sweeping views of Tobago’s west coast it is no wonder this cliff in Black Rock was selected as a strategic military post by the Courlanders in the 17th century. Manned by the Tobago Militia and trusted slaves, two cannon batteries are among the few remnants of the fort still in existence today. Fortunately, Fort Bennett delivers more than just historical appeal, and it is the perfect place to escape and unwind, with benches and a charming gazebo. It’s no wonder this site is a favorite location for weddings, photo shoots and romantic strolls.