The vast majority of visitors to Tobago are seeking holidays with lots of sun, sea and sand. Tobago has an abundance of both and no other Caribbean island boasts quite the same range of largely deserted beaches, varying from the pristine white coral sands of the Caribbean coast to the dark volcanic sands of the Atlantic coast.

Please keep in mind that nude and/or topless sunbathing is illegal in Tobago. This practice is often considered highly offensive to the local population. Please also remember to cover-up when leaving the beach.

Grafton Beach is an attractive coarse sand beach serviced by Le Grand Courlan Spa Resort and the Grafton Beach Resort. The surf can be very powerful here and it is advised to stay close to the shore to avoid dangerous currents. The right side of the beach (north) can be the calmest and offers reasonable snorkeling. Stonehaven beach (a.k.a. Stone Haven) is one of the three beaches in Tobago where the endangered giant Leatherback Turtle comes ashore between March and June to lay their eggs which will hatch three months later.