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Important Information


Be sure to check for the required travel documents before planning your trip to Tobago. All visitors to Tobago must have a valid passport along with a return ticket to be allowed entry here. The passport must be valid for the duration of your stay on island

Currency and Banking

Our currency is called the Trinidad and Tobago, or TT Dollar. It floats against the US Dollar at an average of TT$6.80 to US$1.00 but you can check any bank or the daily newspaper for the current rate.ABMs (ATMs), and credit/debit cards in general use, and currency can be exchanged at all major banks. Credit and VTM cards are also widely accepted, but choose to walk with cash as some smaller facilities and shops do not credit or debit cards. Cash machines are plentiful on both islands (see above). For cash transactions, businesses and individuals may accept US$.


Thinking about a holiday in Tobago, but now quite sure where to start? This section of the website answers some of the questions you may have about our beautiful island as well as ‘good to know’ information.

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Tobago boasts a warm, tropical, marine climate, with constant cool breezes from NE trade winds and year-round temperatures ranging from 23°C (73°F) to 32°C (89°F). There is a dry season from December to May, while the months of June to November account for the rainier periods of the year, with average rainfall measuring 200cm (40in.)


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Why people love visiting Tobago

For anyone looking to vacation in paradise. Look no further, Tobago is on the scene. An hour and a half from Antigua and you're transported to an island oasis covered with lush green foliage and turquoise green beaches.
I recently made the trip to see some ole college friends. From the time I landed on Friday I was instantly reminded why I love the Caribbean and love smaller islands even more.

Shawn N. Maile

Our choice of stay is amazing. Wonderful view and astonishing infinity pool. Pigeon Point was a memorable and breathtaking place. Sorkeling in the buccoo reef is something I cannot forget for a very long time.

Ammar Rahim

Exceptional beauty, amazing waters. Such a lovely place. I think ive found paradise.

Kevin Harduar

The most wonderful time ever! Must experience!

Maria Marello