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Before you think, "I’ve seen the Caribbean", we can’t emphasise enough, Tobago is not your typical Caribbean island. An elongated oval of just 116 square miles, Tobago is home to a mass of diversity from coast to coast. Rich in natural allure, deserted palm fringed beaches and the oldest protected rain forest in the Western hemisphere, this island has something for everyone. And even though the natural wonders are stunningly majestic, the organic hospitality from our people will ensure that your stay with us is a memorable one.


Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Dance the Congo line to a live steel pan band, wave your hands in the air in a nightclub or enjoy the local cultural acts in a theatre style environment. There are numerous forms of entertainment on the island for you to enjoy.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Tobago has a couple of stables which offer a variety of activities, from therapeutic rides to trekking through the countryside or along a selection of beautiful beaches in Tobago.

The two main stables are:

Being With Horses in Tobago which is located in Buccoo, Tobago-owned and operated by Veronika and Lennon La Fortune.

Friendship Stables is located in Canaan, Tobago, owned and operated by Louise Hearn.



Whether for sport or recreation, Scuba Diving is an increasingly popular pastime in Tobago's warm and inviting waters. Tobago's nutrient-rich waters provide a safe haven for its abundant yet diverse marine life, thereby creating dive sites unlike anywhere else in the Caribbean. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced diver, there are dive sites around the island suited for you.



Whether your preference is inshore or offshore fishing, the abundant variety of fish in Tobago's tropical waters is enough to keep any fishing enthusiast's interest from fading. Moreover, the highly competitive annual Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament offers very attractive prizes, making fishing on the island all the more exhilarating.

Fun Facts

For those who love underwater exploring, the seas around Tobago offer a number of dive sites that are home to a wide variety of marine life, rich reefs with fan corals, steep rock walls covered in sponges, a myriad of creatures from delicate angelfish to sharks, turtles and even dolphins – the variety of marine life and underwater scenery is remarkable.


Blue Food Festival


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Tobago Heritage Festival


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Tobago Jazz Experience


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Harvest Celebrations

Year round

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Tobago Carnival


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Buccoo Goat and Crab Race Festival

Easter Tuesday

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Great Fete Weekend

Great Fete Weekend is a five-night party on Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago. Dubbed 'the Caribbean's Spring Break' because of its reputation as a no-holds-barred, extended weekend of work-free fun similar to Spring Break in the US.



Tobago has an eclectic array of delicious food options – from creole food to Italian cuisine there is something for every palette and budget. Relax in a casual beach bar atmosphere or head out for a romantic dinner by candlelight, the options are endless.



Nightlife in Tobago, is not your average nightlife scene. Yes, there are quite a few bars around the island especially in the Crown Point area but nightlife in Tobago is a mix of the traditional bar scene, live entertainment at hotels and lots of cultural infusions.