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101 Reasons Tobago

There are a multitude of reasons for visiting the undiscovered island of Tobago. Here you will find 101 of the best reasons to discover this untouched paradise!


Corbin Local Wildlife

Corbin’s Local Wildlife is a hidden gem. Fruit trees and flowers attract all kinds of native wildlife, the park is a treasure-trove for birdwatchers.

Goat Island

This island off the coast of Tobago serves as a wonderful diving site for viewing coral and beautiful ocean landscapes.

Eden’s Door

Enjoy one of the rigorous yet beautiful trails, savour a delicious farm to table meal, or meditate under the stars - this nature sanctuary has something for everyone.

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

One of the most recognisable beaches in Tobago. Pigeon Point features a long stretch of white sand beach with warm aquamarine waters and excellent beach facilities.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

This is a "must" while in Tobago. This is a truly extraordinary place to visit, but please don't expect cafes or souvenir shops: it is a pristine rainforest. 2007 & 2009 'World’s Leading Green Destination' - World Travel Awards.

Bird Watching with Newton George

It is hardly surprising that tours with Newton, the Birding Expert, have become so popular - he is world renowned after all. A tour with him is considered an essential part of any visit to the beautiful island of Tobago.

Stand-up-Paddle Bioluminescence Tour

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Seeing the bioluminescence at night is something hard to describe, but something you'll always remember!

Argyle Waterfall

This is a "must do" if you are a nature lover. Walk through the cocoa plantation and then trek through a lush tropical forest to climb the 3-tier falls.

Tobago Plantations Golf and Country Club

The Par 72, 18-hole course has been woven into the landscape of an old coconut plantation. The landscape varies greatly throughout the course and is a good test of the game for golfers of all levels.

St Giles Islands

These tiny islands off the Northern coast of Tobago are an important breeding area for several bird species including the frigatebird, red-footed booby and noddy tern. TIP – Also known for their spectacular underwater scenery for divers.

Diving in Speyside

Thrilling currents take you on a journey back in time, where you can experience Caribbean reefs in a pristine, balanced state of grace.

Grafton Caledonia Wildlife Sanctuary

A lovely, quiet, tranquil place, it is pleasant to just sit or gently explore the impressive view and see different bird species up close.

Genesis Nature Park and Art Gallery

Family-owned and operated Petting Zoo set in a beautiful tropical garden with an in-house Art Gallery featuring pieces by the owner.

Self-guided Island Tour

You can do this alone or with a crew, set out on an adventure to tick off as many island landmarks as possible in one fell swoop. Stock up on your refreshments, get a rental and let a map/GPS guide you to Mt. Dillon, the Courlander Monument, Flagstaff Hill, Speyside Waterwheel and two or three of our many old battle forts. P.S. ensure your battery life is solid for those Instagram posts!

Buccoo Reef Marine Park

Picturesque colours and many types of fish and coral reef under the clear blue waters of Buccoo Reef are there for everyone to see.

Nylon Pool

A shallow pool of crystal clear water in the middle of ocean, simply nature at its finest. Breathtaking views with lots of fun and soul healing, just don't miss it if you happen to visit Tobago.

Adventure Farm & Nature Reserve

If you're an avid bird-watcher, photographer or just love the outdoors, consider visiting. Home to a variety of hummingbirds like the ruby-topaz, copper-rumped, black-throated mango, and a host of other species of birds.

Flagstaff Hill

Breathtaking view overlooking the turquoise waters of the ocean of Tobago's Eastern coastline.

Botanical Gardens

Picturesque display, in the heart of our capital, offering a very peaceful and romantic setting. Great for night photography with a variety of colours and designs. It's a perfect getaway to spend time surrounded by nature.

Old Milford Road

Cuts a winding and scenic route along the coast in the capital all the way to Lambeau Village. With lovely views of the wind-whipped Atlantic peeking between the palms and houses, salt spray crashes onto the tarmac thanks to the constant ocean breeze.

Water Sports

Plenty of opportunities in Tobago to get active. With kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing, they're all guaranteed to get your pulse going.


Wildlife including over 230 species of birds, close proximity to the mainland (it's only 10 miles off the coast of Venezuela) makes Tobago the ideal stopover point for migratory birds.


Stunning coral reefs with 44 coral species promising divers a submerged fantasy world, including the world's largest brain coral. (found in the waters off Speyside)

A Hiker’s Paradise

With multiple trails at varying levels of difficulty for hikers and mountain bikers, destination Tobago uniquely offers a variety of activities for eco-lovers to enjoy.

Healing with Horses

Provides horseback tours through a scenic seaside village and in the water too as well as an integrated and inspiring space for differently abled children and adults to be embraced and empowered through therapeutic interactions.


The oldest legally protected rainforest preserve in the western world features a vast collection of rainforest biodiversity.


Mammalian wildlife such as armadillos, agoutis, wild hogs, red squirrels, raccoons and opossums roam the forest's undergrowth. 17 bat species, including a piscivorous (fish-eating) bat, also call Tobago home.

Little Tobago

Considered one of the most important Caribbean seabird sanctuaries it is well worth a visit for spectacular bird watching experience, cliff side vantage points and well-marked trails.


Tobago boasts a warm tropical climate with constant cool breezes from the North East trade winds and year-round temperatures ranging from 23 degrees 32 degrees Celsius.

Butterfly Species

Home to 23 species of butterflies, including the Blue Emperor, along with the many other flora and fauna, it’s no wonder that Tobago is considered a nirvana for nature lovers.

Turtle Species

5 marine turtle species including the giant leatherback turtle, hawksbill, olive ridleys, loggerheads and green sea turtles (main nesting beaches along the west coast at Great Courland Bay/Turtle Beach and Stonehaven) can be found in and around Tobago.

Adventure and Wildlife Exploration

24 non-poisonous snake species, 16 lizard species, 14 frog species and more - eco enthusiasts will certainly enjoy.

Underwater Magnificence

For those who love underwater exploring, the seas around Tobago offer a number of dive sites that are home to a wide variety of marine life, rich reefs with fanning corals, steep rock walls covered in sponges and a myriad of creatures from delicate angelfish to sharks, turtles and even dolphins – the variety of marine life and underwater scenery is remarkable.

Diving- Wendy’s R & Sea

Operated from the Shepherd’s Inn in Crown Point, where a classroom and pool helps novices gain certification. A small centre at Pigeon Point houses the dive boat with all relevant equipment available for rent.

Kariwak Reef

The water is shallow, but one could still see a moray eel, octopus, small turtle or tropical fish - good spot for night diving.

Mount Irvine Wall

The “wall” has lots of crevices that are home to sponges, crabs and queen angelfish. Eagle rays and turtles are also common sightings while a neighbouring site called ‘the extension’ harbours large tarpon.

MV Maverick

350ft former ferry was deliberately sunk in 1997 to create an artificial reef. Although its hull sits on the seabed at 30m (99ft), the top deck, at 15m (49ft), is within reach of all qualified divers and attracts large schools of fish including rainbow runners, kingfish and barracuda.

Arnos Vale

The profusion of juvenile fish at this relatively calm site makes it great for underwater photography. There are also outstanding coral and rock formations to be explored.

Cove Crack

A nursery for baby fish, there are interesting ledges and nurse sharks can also be found here.

Flying Reef

A short boat-ride from Pigeon Point, both sting and electric rays glide across the sand - the plate corals are also absolutely striking.

The Sisters

Off Englishman’s Bay, these rock pinnacles rooted to the ocean floor attract manta rays, turtles, lobsters and all manner of fish.

Diver’s Dream

Intricate gorgonian corals, Black-tip reef sharks, eagle rays, many reef fish and large barrel sponges too, some of them 6ft tall can be seen in the aptly named Diver Dream area of Tobago.

Kelleston Drain

Kelleston is famed for having what may be the world’s largest brain coral – about 16ft across. Nurse and reef sharks also patrol the area.

Japanese Gardens

Off Speyside, the sea whipped corals on this steep slope resemble bonsai trees, there’s a crevasse between two boulders called Kamikaze Cut, which creates a fun mini-drift.

Explore many hidden bays

No other Caribbean island boasts quite as many deserted beaches as Tobago. On the Atlantic side you'll find dark, volcanic beaches, mostly deserted, these too are perfect for sunbathing and seasonal surfing.

Sea to Sea Marathon

Picturesque route from the Caribbean and Atlantic shorelines (starting near Bloody Bay) winding through ancient rainforests and villages before finishing near Lambeau village at Petit Trou.

Beach life

Tobago is renowned for its abundance of beaches - from the pristine white coral sands of the Caribbean coast to the dark, ash grey volcanic sands of the Atlantic coast. Beach adventures are abundant - learn to paddle board, take in the sun’s rays or explore the wonders of bio-luminescence.

No Man’s Land

Whether from short boat ride from Gibson Jetty in Bon-Accord or as part of a Buccoo Reef/Nylon Pool tour, this uninhabited & exquisite sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing and beach barbecues!

Stonehaven Bay

Beautiful Beach, totally unspoilt and uncrowded.

Store Bay

Beautiful beach and crystal clear water. Restaurants nearby offer a variety of creole dishes and there are souvenir shops with local crafts too!

Batteaux Bay

A lovely beach, and the nearby resort offers glass bottom boat tours.

Bloody Bay Beach

Bloody Bay is a glorious sheltered bay with golden sands and clear blue waters.

Cotton Bay

On the island’s north-western coast, this beautiful bay is only accessible by boat. Here you can snorkel, kayak or simply swim in the tranquil blue water. Swim with those who took the boat ride with you and possibly some dolphins as well!

Turtle Beach

A nesting site for endangered leatherback Turtles. TIP: Nesting season is typically from March-July each year. Also a good spot for photoshoots, beach soccer and beach volleyball outside of nesting season.

Angel Reef

Great variety of fish and coral in the reef. TIP: Take along an underwater camera!

Englishman’s Bay

A must visit beach, rent a car and drive around the island, the view is just breathtaking. The water at the bay is calm and relaxing. Tobagonians are very friendly and will help with directions should you get lost.

Arnos Vale Reef

An incredible array of fish and great coral formations - Moray eels, barracuda, squid, pink sea urchins "a trip to snorkel heaven".

Pigeon Point Beach

A beautiful beach, a lot of friendly people and good places to eat. Perfect location to hop on a glass bottom boat and take a trip to the Nylon pool.

Little Rockley Bay

The western side gets strong gusts of wind from the ocean making this a good beach for kite surfing and other kinds of water sports. There is also good shade on this beach in the afternoon.

Grange Beach

One can relax or walk the beach. Its Great for watching the sunset!

King Peters’ Bay

This is a true adventurer's beach and you can almost guarantee that it will be deserted when you arrive.

Parlatuvier Bay

Small fishing boats are anchored in the bay, this place really is a working village and not just a beach retreat.

Man O’war Bay

One of the quieter, less populated beaches on the island. Part of a small fishing village, the atmosphere is charming and the locals are agreeable, often selling tourists their freshly caught and cleaned fish.

Black Rock/Courland Heritage Park

Framed by the picturesque Turtle Beach, this space is perfect to enjoy a family day out. The nearby Turtle beach is also perfect for a fun game of beach volleyball or beach soccer.

Pirates Bay

This bay in Tobago is as picturesque in real life as depicted in photos. Hire a pirogue from the nearby fishing village or make the drive/hike up the hill. Either way it will be an unforgettable experience.

Castara Bay

Nestled in a community famous for extraordinary hospitality, be sure to visit for the Thursday night bonfire or to “pull seine” in the morning with the local fishermen.

Tobago Heritage Festival

Created to preserve the unique cultural traditions of Tobago. Visit the many quaint and friendly villages and experience their way of life, language, varied oral traditions, culture, dances, music and, of course, their culinary delights.

Local Food at Store Bay

Store Bay has a lot to offer, you can simply ‘lime’ all day if you choose. It’s also where you go for Tobago crab and dumpling and some of the best homemade ice cream on the island.


With a population of just over 15,000. The capital is a hybrid of activity and worth a visit to truly experience Tobago life.

Fort Finding

Tobago has a turbulent history, because she is a gem it is obvious why in the colonial era, she changed hands more than 30 times. Many influences remain today in traditions, songs, dance, archaeological finds and the disproportionately high number of historical military fortifications for its size. A fort finding tour will reveal a rich history and many fantastic views for the perfect vacation photos.

Sunday School

Easy introduction to Tobago nightlife. Safe, clean, easy and FUN! All ages and a mixture of visitors and locals, it’s a great way to spend your Sunday evening when on island.

Moriah Ole Time Wedding

Festivities take over the streets of Moriah at the height of the two-week long Tobago Heritage Festival celebrations.

Miss Heritage Personality

The Miss Heritage Personality competition is more than a beauty pageant. It celebrates the island’s women, their creativity and natural ability. The annual event keeps evolving & helps young women grow in the creative industries.

Black Rock

Known for its large black rocks surrounding the beach, Black Rock is a great spot for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, surfing and sun bathing.

Fisherman's Festival at Charlotteville

Village lying on the Northeastern tip of Tobago on Man-o-war Bay. Fisherman’s festivals are a celebration of this way of life for many Tobagonians who make their living from the sea. The festival can also be found in other fishing villages across the island.

L’Anse Fourmi

Most remote village on the island of Tobago, the abandoned road and the interesting rock formations make it a rather intriguing location. The area is peaceful, and perfect for families.

Curried Crab and Dumplings

Considered as one of Tobago's national dishes, this signature dish is a must-try when visiting the island! Tobago’s cuisine is a unique blend of African, Indian, Chinese, European and Latin American influences, overlaid with countries as diverse as Syria, Lebanon and Italy.

Fish Broth

Claimed to be the best “thing” for a hangover. One sip and I was taken back to the age of 6 or 7.

Oil Down

A signature and delightfully thick dish which consists of breadfruit and salted meat cooked to perfection in coconut milk.

Superstitions in Les Coteaux

An evening of mystery, history and witchcraft highlights the cultural traditions of this village through stories, song and dance surrounding folklore and superstitions during the Tobago Heritage Festival.

Salaka Feast

Crossroads of history and homage through a dynamic celebration with music, movement, storytelling and food.

Natural Treasures Day

Enjoy a village trek which highlights traditional elements of life as it were in Tobago including Cocoa Dancing & the Batty Mill. The trek is made lighter as it is accompanied by one of the few remaining tamboo bamboo bands. The rhythms in the bands are produced by banging bamboo on the ground.


Creole Dialect is an intriguing melange of patois and extracts from our European colonisers.


Steel pan bands and locals 'wining and liming' under the stars as well as horse riding and fine dining are some of the activities that await you in this beautiful seaside village.

Yachting World Regatta

One of the most celebrated events in Tobago. Watch a host of race yachts, indigenous sailing boats, windsurfers and kite boarders fill the sparkling sea.

Bago Sports Beach Soccer Championship

Held over 3 days, The Beach Soccer Championship draws competition from across the world to compete on a seafront pitch in the sands of Turtle beach. (Even FC Barcelona's beach soccer team has taken part)

Bago Carnival

It’s a cavalcade of colour as the streets are filled with masquerade bands and shimmering outfits swaying to the calypso and soca rhythms that swirl in the air.

Mud Mas

Musicians and dancers cover themselves in pre-prepared, sanitised, colourful mud before forming an energetic street procession.

Buccoo Goat & Crab Races

Although Easter Tuesday is 'officially' Goat Race Day in Tobago, the activity now occurs more regularly on the entertainment calendar at events such as the Tobago Heritage Festival. The annual Goat & Crab Race Festival has now become a major event in Tobago's tourism calendar and has evolved into a truly family affair where generations meet through tradition and visitors caught up in the festive atmosphere become honorary Tobagonians for a day.

Tobago Jazz Experience

TJE promises a marvellous experience which combines beautiful landscape and a miraculous atmosphere made perfect by unique musical performances from the best international, regional & local artists.

Dragon Boat Festival

Inspired by the traditional Chinese pastime, this two-day event sees the clear blue waters of pigeon point host a series of intense fast-paddling races.

Blue Food Festival

The festival focuses on the root tuber and dasheen, which take on a blue tint when cooked. The Blue Food Festival gives local chefs license to create innovative Caribbean dishes that feature the ingredient.

Tobago's International Cycling Classic

The event has been taking place for more than 30 years, billed as the Caribbean's answer to the Tour De France, it invites both world-class athletes and amateur riders to take part.

Tobago by '‘Two”

Tobago’s renowned for its stunning natural beauty, with pristine beaches, verdant rainforests and beautiful coral reefs all waiting to be discovered hand-in-hand. A couple’s tour, picturesque picnic, photoshoot or all three will make for the ideal lovers’ experience.

Nylon Pool

The snorkelling in this location is outstanding, with the colourful reefs teeming with marine life - seeing this with your partner is a wonderful experience to share.

Buccoo Bay

The snorkelling in this location is outstanding, with the colourful reefs teeming with marine life - seeing this with your partner is a wonderful experience to share.

Pigeon Point

A stunning location to host your upcoming nuptials. Beautifully scenic and the picturesque landscape is the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Local Cuisine

Choose from a variety of local restaurants for an ideal place for a romantic dinner for two.

Stonehaven Bay

Usually empty seaside spots where you can soak up the sun with your loved one while enjoying the pristine beach without another soul in sight.

Petit Trou Lagoon

The Petit Trou lagoon features an interwoven complex of mangroves trees. A stroll on the boardwalk, through the mangrove forest, from nearby Lowlands via the Tobago Plantations is a ‘must’ on your list of romantic things to do in Tobago.