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Dive-Soft Coral-Mt Irvine


Tobago is a sight to behold both on land and water. Under its surface, divers can discover a kaleidoscopic world, replete with vivid sponges and corals and brilliantly colored marine life.

The island's intimate reef systems are rich marine biodiversity, clear, pristine waters, and range of diving sites are natural treasures.

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Take your birdwatching to the next level as Tobago introduces you to over 230 species of exotic birds, 25 of which can only be found on this island! Whether you choose to venture into the rainforest to spot the motmots; take in the simple pleasure of hummingbirds nipping at feeders; or appreciate the graceful precision of the pelicans as they scour and skim the ocean; you can expect to enjoy maximum bird sightings while simultaneously experiencing a diverse range of landscapes across the island.


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Turtle Watching

Turtle Watching

Tobago’s immaculate coastlines set the scene for one of nature’s most remarkable rituals as giant leatherback turtles come ashore to nest each year. Witness this rare and moving sight between the months of March and September, when these magnificent creatures emerge from the water under the cover of darkness to lay their eggs at common nesting sites, namely Turtle Beach, Grafton Bay and Stone Haven Bay.

Argyle Waterfall


Rolling hills, rugged terrain and scenic trails create many picturesque opportunities for hikers in Tobago. Surrounded by lush greenery, trekkers are spoiled for choice with the promise of stunning waterfalls, remote beaches and breathtaking vistas as a reward at the end of every journey. Whether you prefer a smooth, steady, unencumbered climb or a more demanding ascent with challenging obstacles, you will have many opportunities to enjoy Tobago’s wild and untamed botanical heaven.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Test your mettle on Tobago’s biking trails with endurance-building uphills and exhilarating downhills. Challenge your skills on demanding single tracks or cruise along easily navigable flats. Whatever your preference, the island serves up a range of tracks suitable for bikers at any level, with the promise of blissful solitude and the rarest and most breathtaking views on the island.