Share your memories of Tobago and you can win roundtrip airfare tickets for two to Tobago!

Although we're far apart for the moment, we can still connect. Sharing our memories and stories of Tobago not only keeps our travel spirit alive, but also gives us hope for brighter days when we see each other again.

Help us create an online space where we can all escape to happier times by sharing your stories of what keeps you #DreamingofTobago.

Share a video of yourself of your favorite memory of Tobago or what makes Tobago special to you.

Your submission can win you a ticket to Tobago!

Tobago Beyond Plantations Boardwalk Lagoon Mangrove

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Step 1:

Start by following us on at least one Social Media platform to validate your entry: FacebookInstagram

Step 2: 

Submit a short video of yourself highlighting your favorite memory of Tobago and/or what stands out the most about the island. 

Video Testimonial Submission Guidelines 

The video must be shot in landscape only (i.e. turn your phone sideways!) 
Ensure you have adequate lighting - natural soft light is best, supported with some artificial light sources in your home. Tip: Try to avoid overexposure from overly bright lights or sunshine, or face casting shadows from placing yourself directly under a light.  
Avoid areas that have high ambient noise e.g. running water, outdoor areas with passing traffic and noises, or rooms that echo. 
Video resolution 
Videos should have a resolution of 720p or higher; HD will be also be accepted. The higher the resolution and aperture quality, the better.  
Before filming, check what resolution your devices film at. For example, some webcams only record up to 720p, and the front-facing camera on a smartphone often has a lower resolution/quality than the camera on the reverse.  
Video submissions must be accompanied by personal footage of experiences had in Tobago. 
Submission deadline 
This competition closes at midnight on June 30, 2020. Any submissions made after this deadline will not be eligible to win the prize. 


View the #dreamingofTobago Terms & Conditions then upload your video below.