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Travel Advisory

The borders of Trinidad and Tobago are open with some restrictions for entry.

Travelers with planned visits to Tobago are strongly urged to contact their travel representative or airline for information specific to their locations.

Effective June 1, 2022, travellers entering Tobago will no longer be required to prove vaccination status or acquire a TTravel Pass.

Flights and Border Services

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic resumed direct flights to Tobago from London, England in January 2022.

Caribbean Airlines resumed direct flights to Tobago from New York, USA in May 2022.

Other international flights are being served via the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad. Passengers can connect to Tobago from Trinidad on a 20-minute domestic flight with Caribbean Airlines.


Effective July 1, 2022, travellers entering Trinidad and Tobago will no longer have to produce a negative PCR or antigen test as a requirement for entry.

Visit Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Health’s official social media pages or website for further information. Facebook.

Inter island Travel

Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines operates 12 roundtrips flights per day. Each flight is an estimated 25 minutes.

Book now with Caribbean Airlines


Ferry Services

Ferries are operating at 75% capacity.

  • APT James – 600 passengers
  • Buccoo Reef – 600  passengers
  • Galleons Passage – 450  passengers

T&T Interisland Ferry Schedule


International Flights

British Airways

Book your flight to Tobago with British Airways

Virgin Atlantic
Visit Virgin Atlantic



Not allowed at this time. 



All arriving yachts must clear into Trinidad at Chaguaramas first before going onto Tobago.
Yachting Protocols:

  • Borders for Trinidad & Tobago re-opened on 17th July 2021.
  • Foreigners / non-nationals wishing to enter must be fully vaccinated (with at least a period of 2 weeks since your final vaccination).
  • A PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival into Trinidad will be required, along with proof of Vaccination.
  • A Float Plan and Health Declaration must be filled out (forms on the YSATT website), scanned and sent to TT Coastguard and copied to YSATT.
  • All travellers to Trinidad and Tobago must also apply for a Travel Pass prior to arrival in Trinidad. 
  • All yachts must clear into Trinidad at Chaguaramas first before going to Tobago.
  • Upon arrival pick up a mooring, fly the Q flag and all crew must remain on board. Contact the Marina you intend to stay in or Jesse James (see contacts below), to make arrangements for the Port Health Officer to come to the vessel and do health clearance.
  • The Port Health Officer will issue a Government Health Clearance Certificate which must be presented to Immigration and Customs before the vessel and crew can be cleared into Trinidad. Do not go ashore without this certificate or you will be breaching the new protocols.
  • If a yacht arrives after the 72 hour time frame for the PCR test, arrangements will have to be made for a doctor to come to the boat to do another PCR. Only when a negative result is obtained will Health Clearance proceed.


Face masks or face coverings covering the nose, mouth and chin are required to be at all health institutions.

Public Health Care

The Tobago COVID-19 hotline is up and running. Call 800-HEAL (4325) toll-free.

This hotline is strictly for persons with flu-like symptoms: 
Fever with either:

  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache
  • Muscle pains

Guidelines will be provided by the hotline. 


Private Health Care 

Victoria Labs at the ANR Robinson International Airport provides PCR testing services:

Victoria Labs Contact: 


Tobago PCR/Antigen test bookings: Book your PCR or antigen test

Where the result of a test conducted show that the person is suffering from the 2019 Novel Coronavirus:

  1. Isolation of that person or any persons who by exposure to infection from that person 
  2. Report to the Chief Medical Officer 
  3. Follow up guidelines on quarantine and treatment to a public hospital or designated quarantine facility will be made. 

All rules and regulations are being enforced.

  • Masks are required to be worn at all health institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the number of positive cases in Tobago high?

Tobago had comparatively low numbers since the start of the pandemic;  there are currently one hundred and five (105) active cases on the island and 272 deaths. (Updated on July 06, 2022)

For the latest health information about coronavirus in Tobago, please visit the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection.

Does Trinidad & Tobago have any restrictions on countries that I will be allowed travel from?

There are no travel restrictions or bans on any country at this time. 

What vaccines will Trinidad and Tobago recognize as acceptable for incoming travelers?

Only World Health Organisation (WHO-approved vaccines (and combinations of vaccines) will be accepted. 

What types of PCR tests will be accepted/recognized?

Only RT-PCR tests administered through Nasopharyngeal swabs and obtained from accredited laboratories will be accepted. Self-tests and doctor’s letters will not be accepted. 

Can people who have recently tested positive and recovered from COVID travel to Tobago?

Non-nationals with a history of infection will still need to have proof of vaccination in order to be permitted entry into Trinidad and Tobago. 

Will there be any test-on-arrival options?

There are currently no test-on-arrival requirements. 

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 while in Tobago?

Visitors who test positive for COVID-19 during their stay will be subject to the policy of The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development (DHWFD) which holds for ALL persons in Tobago. 

They will be placed in home isolation (if they are staying at an appropriate residential facility, not a hotel), or if they are staying at a hotel they will be placed in the state isolation facility for a duration of seventeen (17) days from the day they were tested (if asymptomatic), or twenty (20) days from the day symptoms started. 

If a visitor is staying at a villa, they will be allowed to isolate at that villa. Any other guests with them at the time will be quarantined at the villa with them. 

The policy of the DHWFD is that ALL persons who are positive for COVID-19 and are 60 years and older with co-morbidities will be admitted to the state isolation facility for close medical monitoring (regardless of their accommodation situation). 

What are the approved quarantine locations/properties in Tobago?

There are currently no state-supervised quarantine facilities in Tobago.

Anyone who must be quarantined (unvaccinated Nationals), will have to enter through Piarco International Airport in Trinidad and be quarantined at a facility of their choice for 14 days. 

Stay Informed

Ministry of Health

For information about the status of coronavirus in Trinidad and Tobago, health guidelines and regular updates, visit the Ministry of Health’s online COVID-19 resources.

You can also follow the Ministry of Health on Twitter @MOH_TT for updates as they happen.

Office of the Prime Minister

Visit the Office of the Prime Minister's website for official statements on actions taken by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in response to COVID-19.

You can also follow them on Facebook for up-to-date information including live media conferences at