About Tobago Tourism

Corporate Message

Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd.

Tobago has recognised its need to be nimble, flexible and relevant to its internal and external stakeholders and has responded by establishing the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) in July 2017. 

The Agency has oversight for the strategic marketing of the destination, product development and innovation, as well as cruise airlift. 

The Agency will therefore set the agenda for the development of a more vibrant, viable and sustainable tourism industry, leveraging the island's resources- including its people- to deliver a higher quality of life for residents and unique and authentic experiences to visitors.

Our Mandate

The core mandate of the TTAL is to lead the (re) development of the island’s tourism product and the marketing and (re) positioning of Tobago as a premier island destination founded on the principles of sustainable development.  
This includes the establishment of quality standards, training of industry workers, research on the impacts and contribution of tourism, the development of  quality products and services, and the facilitation of investment into the island’s tourism industry.

In order to fulfill its mandate, the TTAL will work with and through public and private sector stakeholders and partners in the aviation, cruise and hospitality sub-sectors. Critical to achieving its objectives is the effective communication with the people of Tobago to ensure their support and participation in the sustainable development of a year-round tourism industry.

Our People

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Sherma Roberts, Chairman
  • Dr. Acolla Cameron, Deputy Chairman
  • Dr. Selvon Hazel, Director
  • Ms. Hazel Roberts, Director
  • Mrs. Cherry-Ann Edwards-Louis, Director
  • Mrs. Joanna K. Moses-Wothke, Director
  • Mr. Nicholas Hardwicke, Director
  • Mr. Randall Rostant, Director
  • Mr. Shawn Benoit, Director
  • Mr. Kelvon Morris, Director
  • Mr. Carlos Dillon, Ex Officio Member 
  • Ms. Vanessa Boyce, Secretary to the Board

Agency Staff

  • Mr. Louis Lewis, CEO
  • Ms. Lori-Ann Pollard, Executive Assistant
  • Ms. Eleanor Lewis, Administrative Officer
  • Ms. Sheena Des Vignes, Marketing Coordinator
  • Ms. Marsha Patrick, Marketing Officer
  • Ms. Andra Joefield, Marketing Officer
  • Mrs. Korice A.Q. Nancis, Product Development and Destination Management Director
  • Ms. Wanda McEachrane, Product Development Officer
  • Ms. Kirsten Cowie, Product Development Officer
  • Mr. Les Warner, Research Analyst
  • Ms. Deokie Ramnarine, Senior Research Officer
  • Ms. Akeda Denoon, Business Operations Assistant
  • Ms. Tinielle Des Vignes, Communications Specialist
  • Ms. Raenice Gray, Accountant 
  • Ms. Stacey Julien, Human Resource Specialist
  • Mr. Nicholas Charles, Office Administrator

Overseas Representatives

  • United Kingdom – Ms. Nadine Rankin, AMG Ltd.
  • Germany – 
  • Scandinavia – 
  • Canada – Mr. Jesille Peters


Our Tourism Partners

Division of Tourism, Culture & Transportation 

The parent organization of the TTAL, the Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation (DOTCT) is an arm of the Tobago House of Assembly, the island’s local government.

The role of the DOTCT is a critical one to Tobago’s tourism development, as the governmental organization is responsible for:

  • Leadership and coordination
  • Policy and planning
  • Community relations
  • Public education and awareness
  • Research

The Division is led by the Secretary for Tourism, Culture and Transportation, Councillor Nadine Stewart-Phillips.

Tobago Festivals Commission

Established in May 2010 with the mandate to provide managerial support and strategic direction for cultural expositions and festivals in Tobago, the appointment of a new Board of Commissioners for the Tobago Festivals Commission in January 2017 signalled a fresh start for events and festivals in Tobago.  
Events under the Tobago Festival Commission's purview include, Tobago Carnival, Tobago Heritage Festival, Tobago Jazz Experience, Tobago Dragon Boat Festival, Tobago Blue Food Festival, and CARIFESTA (Caribbean Festival of Arts).

The Commission operates under the leadership of it’s Executive Chairman, Mr. George Leacock.

The Tobago Brand

Our Brand Strategy

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Tobago, and for supporting our goal to increase the number of visitors to the island. 

Tourism is the main driver of the economy and with the Long-Haul Market looking flat for the next few years, there is fierce competition with destinations chasing the same travellers. In this section of our website you can read all about our exciting new brand launch. We believe it’s the start of a positive transition for Tobago. 

We want Tobago to be a stand out destination in its own right and have used the island’s unique character and features to guide our creative and messaging exploration. Our research has shown that 1.2 million online conversations did not include the name of a specific destination. 

This represents an opportunity to establish Tobago in the minds of our potential visitors, therefore our strategy focuses on these ‘great undecided’, plus two specific groups – so-called SuperBoomers and DINKYs (Dual-Income No Kids Yet). 

We know these groups have the means to afford a Caribbean escape, but also the inclination to find something different, somewhere that feels off the beaten track, somewhere that gives them the feeling of discovering a place for the first time. 

Tobago is naturally unspoilt and untouched, with a vibrant, authentic Caribbean culture just waiting to be discovered. Read on to find a brief outline of what we’re doing creatively and strategically to help make Tobago an even more desirable location for travellers. So please take a look and see how we’re taking Tobago beyond ordinary. 

Warm regards, 
Louis E. A. Lewis 
Chief Executive Officer | Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd

The Brand Story

Everything that you’ve ever dreamed about the Caribbean can be found in idyllic Tobago – a warm welcome from friendly locals going the extra mile to make you feel truly at home, secluded white sand beaches lazily lapped by sky blue oceans, the distant sound of music drifting on a warm tropical breeze, breathtaking natural beauty and striking wildlife. 

Tobago is the unspoilt, untouched Caribbean island where the undiscovered waits around every corner. What may surprise you more, are the 101 unforgettable activities, authentic experiences and thrilling adventures that take you beyond ordinary.

So, what are you waiting for – explore the extraordinary. Tobago beyond.


Brand Cornerstones

We’ve identified four distinct cornerstones of the island’s appeal and opportunities to drive the increase in visitors.

Sea & Beaches

The first thing we think of when we say Caribbean escape – beautiful sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Here we talk about Tobago’s opportunities for water adventures from diving, to paddle-boarding to boat-trips and the secluded nature of the island’s stunning beaches. A little-known fact – there are 42 different types of sand on Tobago!

Eco Adventure & Nature

Tobago’s lush and protected rainforest is the island’s emerald blanket. Venture beyond the treeline and you’ll be rewarded with glimpses of the island’s natural wildlife and chances for thrilling adventures. This segment gives us the opportunity to talk directly to nature lovers, thrill-seekers and specific interest groups like birders who flock to see the white-tailed sabrewing hummingbird and the rufous-vented chachalaca, or cocrico, (Tobago’s national bird) – just two of the island’s 230 bird species.

Romance & Weddings

In Tobago you’ll find the perfect backdrop for a romantic escape or your dream barefoot beach wedding. The island is made for two with stunning scenery, romantic bolt hole accommodation and many on-island services which offer wedding planning packages, giving couples the opportunity to have their wedding, their way. 

Local Culture, People & Heritage

Tobago has a fascinating history. Its heritage, vibrant culture and relaxed people make it an attractive proposition for travellers who want to get the true flavour of their destination – whether that’s tasting local foods (crab and dumplings are a must!), venturing to historic colonial forts, attending the famous Buccoo Goat and Crab Races or whiling away an afternoon liming like a local. 


How we arrived at our strategy

To establish how Tobago is currently viewed by tour operators and travel agents we conducted a research programme. In our research we established three core insights: 

  1. Since most travellers have little knowledge of the island it tends to be sold as the classic Caribbean experience with a slightly lower price point reflecting its accommodation inventory.
  2. Visitors want a ‘Beach+’ holiday – great beaches are valued highly, but equally, so are multiple activities. There is plenty to see and do on the island and Tobago does have its own distinct culture, though this is a difficult concept to capture in advertising as it has to be experienced.
  3. The core appeal of Tobago lies in its lack of commercialism. It is truly unspoilt, much less developed, friendly, fun, and authentic. “It is how the Caribbean used to be”.

From the insights it became clear that what were initially seen as the things holding tourism back – lack of development, accommodation inventory, relatively low levels of commercialism – were the island’s greatest assets. 

We’ve distilled this thinking into the three pillars of our new brand: unspoilt, untouched, undiscovered. This is also reflected in the brand story, the creative and the messaging.

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